The Importance of Reading to Kids

Reading is very important for children. If your child is not reading on his/ her own, it is important that you read to them. Reading and talking to your child plays a key component to his/her development.

Hightlights for Children Magazine

Highlights are our highlight of the day!


Hello Magazine

Age 0-2

As always, Highlights is dedicated to Fun with a Purpose™, so every issue of Highlights Hello™:

  • Sparks creative play and laughter that strengthens parent-child bonding
  • Supports early language development
  • Engages babies and young children visually
  • Offers story-time tips for parents
  • Helps parents teach their kids about the joys of reading

Each 16-page issue of Hello is filled with age-appropriate content such as:

  • Themes that help toddlers understand the world around them
  • Photos and colorful illustrations guaranteed to make your baby smile
  • Word play, simple activities and games that encourage fun and silliness
  • Read-aloud stories, poems and songs that fit young attention spans
  • A just-right “Find It” version of our world-famous Hidden Pictures®puzzles

We ensure baby’s safety with:

  • Durable, tear-resistant pages
  • Washable material for easy cleanup
  • Rounded corners
  • Stitched, not stapled, binding
  • A sealed envelope so Hello arrives germ-free

High Five Magazine

Age 2-6

What Does It Do?

  • Hidden Pictures® scenes develop visual acuity and vocabulary
  • Matching games and other puzzles boost thinking power
  • Easy recipes and crafts give kids self-confidence
  • Engaging activities encourage hands-on fun
  • Action rhymes get kids to exercise
  • Stories from other lands and cultures expand children’s empathy

Kids Love:

  • Charming illustrations
  • Age-appropriate jokes and riddles
  • Easy puzzles that give them a feeling of success
  • Entertaining stories that they can relate to
  • Cute crafts and activities

Parents Love:

  • Sets kids on the path to becoming lifelong learners
  • Introduces basic concepts of science, nature and art through simple nonfiction articles
  • Teaches word recognition
  • Introduces math concepts
  • Promotes values and creativity


Hightlights Magazine

Age 6-12

What does it do?

  • Hidden Pictures® scenes develop persistence, attention to detail and concentration
  • Matching games and other puzzles boost problem-solving skills
  • Crafts and science experiments give kids self-confidence
  • BrainPlay and other features let kids know their opinion is valued
  • Stories from other lands and cultures expand children’s empathy

Kids love:

  • Entertaining stories about kids like them
  • Jokes and riddles to keep them giggling
  • Fascinating science and nature topics
  • A chance to see their own creative works in print
  • Favorite features like Ask Arizona® and The Timbertoes
  • Seasonal crafts and activities

Parents love:

  • Sharing the beloved Highlights tradition
  • Award-winning, trusted content
  • Watching their kids become curious, creative, caring and confident
  • Ad-free means pure fun with no distractions
  • Gets kids to enjoy thinking and learning
  • Promotes positive values and creativity




Parent and Baby Activities to Enjoy Every Day!

Let’s Grow Play & Learn boxes deliver fun and learning right to your door!

Themed around moments that parents and little ones experience together, Let’s Grow boxes are more than just baby and toddler activities. Each box is carefully crafted to help you and your child find fun, memorable experiences within the activities you do every day.

Best. Box. Ever.

With every delivery, you’ll receive a box full of curated surprises that are perfect to share with your little one:

  • 2 premium-quality, padded board books for babies and toddlers, commissioned especially for Highlights
  • A specially crafted, developmentally appropriate gift or toy for parent and child
  • Activity ideas from trusted childhood experts to use throughout the day

Laugh Together, Love Together, Grow Together

With Let’s Grow, your everyday activities will become moments to remember. You’ll see how easy it is to turn a visit to the grocery into a giggle-filled adventure with your little one!

Here’s just a small sample of the fun:

Let’s Nap

Set the stage for successful naps with sleepy-time tips, soft rhymes and a cuddly nap buddy.

Let’s Take a Bath

Make tub time fun for both you and your little dipper with rub-a-dub books and a washcloth frog.

Let’s Explore

Encourage your child to look, listen and learn when you’re out and about with word/picture cards and stories from around town.

Let’s Eat

Discover how much fun food can be with baby books, bibs and a bounty of activities about eating.

And so much more!

You Make the Memories. We Make It Easy.

Let’s Grow boxes are specially crafted by a team of early childhood experts to bring you and your baby engaging and developmentally rich experiences in the easiest way possible.

As with all Highlights products, our mission is to help your child become curious, creative, caring and confident.


Have Fun With Your Little One

From booties to “bsghetti,” the early years with your child are some of the most rewarding. Make the most of those moments with Let’s Grow.

Every Let’s Grow Play & Learn box includes:

  • 2 premium-quality padded board books for toddlers and babies — created exclusively by Highlights
  • A specially crafted toy or gift that relates to the books and the box’s theme — a perfect part of baby’s daily routine
  • Simple activity ideas and inspiration for parents and babies to shareat mealtime, bedtime and throughout the day
  • Convenient delivery right to your door. You’ll get new books and activities to enjoy every three weeks
  • BONUS GIFT WITH ORDER! Get an adorable canvas organizer with your first box — perfect for storing books, toys or baby gear


I love that Highlights Magazine reinforce skills like hand/eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and attention to detail.

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